Saturday, April 30, 2011

Watching DVDs

I have been sitting back and watching art dvds.  I fell and broke my foot and am now waiting to have surgery on Monday.  I have not been painting.  My good friend Doug says I may have to paint sitting down.  He is absolutely right.  I can't not paint for four weeks. 

How did I fall?  Wearing a pair of wedge shoes that were really stupid.  Especially since I was involved in an Easter egg hunt.  Yes, I was hunting Easter eggs.  Got twenty before I fell. 

Sometimes it doesn't hurt to take a breather and refocus on whats important.  I am doing that now.  I have been running constantly for three or four months.  It is amazing the number of events that I have had to cancel out of.  I am studying and thinking about how I can keep improving on my art.  Studying art is always exciting and rewarding for me. 

Will keep you posted on my progress and how sitting and painting works for me.

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