Sunday, June 5, 2011


After four weeks of no weight on my right foot (don't recommend it), I am finally putting some weight on it.  I am on crutches and on my way to walking again.  I am also painting, seated of course.  I have worked on a landscape of the Snake , reworked an Amish Farm I found in Eureka, Montana.  I   also paint minatures each morning to start the day.  These are 6x6 in. paintings of whatever catches my attention.  I paint the minatures on Raymar Art Panels.
All paintings on this site are for sale.  For pricing and information call me at 817-291-7611 or e-mail at

Apples come in so many sizes and colors.  This one was just the perfect example of a red apple.

Painting pears is always appealing.  Beautiful shapes and colors.

Red onions may be my favorite vegetable to paint.  The colors are so rich.

This barn was at Rexford, Montana near the Canadian Border.  Beautiful area.  I have to believe this barn has seen a lot of history.
The Snake River is especially beautiful in Teton National Park.  In the fall there is so much color against the green pine trees.

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