Thursday, August 4, 2011

Second Day in Katherine Stats Class

Dynamics of a workshop are very interesting.  The first day we as a group were mostly awed by the Bibler Gardens.  So many flowers, how do you paint all this.  The second day we were all more focused.  Katherine worked with all on the beauty of elimination.  We don't have to paint it all.   Some really good work came out of our paintings.  We were all glad that we came back to the gardens the second day. 

I have many problems in my painting, but chose my stroke to work on in this workshop.  My paint is always so thick.  At first I thought this was good, but now I realize to get the end result I want takes more layering.  Katherine watched me paint and told me I was gripping the brush like a hammer.  My grip was so tight that I couln't help but mash into the canvas.  She helped me hold the brush properly, very lightly.  I am so glad that she noticed something that has plagued me for so long.
Katherine lays down her massing in this manner:  "Load your brush with thtick paint, no medium or turp, and lay it on thinly."  Leave areas where canvas shows.  It should be a light stroke.  Paint in all directions.  Change your brush strokes and size brushes for more interest.  The second layer is paint with a little (a drop of terp or mineral spirits) lightly over the first layer.  It is possible with practice to add a second layer wet on wet without making mud.  She does it  and now I can.  Or at least part of the time.  It takes practice and a very light stroke.  For golfers, you hold the brush as gently as a putter.  A strong grip makes mud.  Also she reinforces "ONE STROKE".  We all know it, just have to make ourselves do it.  Always put your darks in first.  It is hard to put darks in later and shadows move.  Darks first. 

Katherine was able to help the others with their issues on an individual basis. 

Today we are painting at Glacier National Park on McDonald Creek.  The following are a few pictures from the day:
My painting, still needs work but its getting there.

Katherine teaching

a painter in the garden

Katherines demo.  sorry the picture is not good.  The painting is beautiful.

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