Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Betty Carr Workshop Experience

Last week I attended a three day packed workshop with Betty Carr.  Betty is an outstanding artist that was featured in Southwest Art Magazine.  She is an excellent instructor.  The first day we worked on still life.  Previously I was not excited about still lifes.  Betty's still life compostions are alive with color and movement.  I painted this piece in the class:

The second day we worked on landscape.  She is a good instructor and spends a lot of time with each student.  I wanted help to bring my paintings of Montana more alive with color.  The landscape of Montana is so beautiful but I have found it difficult to paint.  I think I will be able to improve based on what I learned.  My painting was of McDonalds Creek at Glacier National Park.

The last day was spent on architecture.  I learned how to infuse more color both the light and dark areas.   I painted a scene from my visit to Italy. 

Should you have an opportunity to attend a Betty Carr workshop, I recommend it. 

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