Saturday, October 1, 2011

What a Summer

We ae packing up and planning to leave Montana on Monday.  We will be going across I 90 across Montana, South Dakota and than south.  It will take about ten days or so because we like to look at new places along the way. 

The summer has been great especially after such a shaky start with my foot.  My foot is much better, I  walk about a mile and a half each morning.  Still pain but less of a limp.  Duane and I have thoroughly enjoyed Montana.  We have seen so much.  I have painted with friends at so many great locations.  As soon as I get back I will be putting the new paintings on my blog and website.  They all need a little touching up to be ready for prime time. 

While in Montana, I have had a wonderful opportunity to do a commission for the Stayton Project which is a new five star retirement center in Ft. Worth.  The Stayton is in the Cultural District on Museuem Way.  This is near 7th street.   I was contacted by a decorator in Maryland.   The goal was a painting distinctly Ft. Worth.  Doug Clark took pictures for me at the Botanic Gardens, the decorator chose the scene and I painted a 30x40 oil painting.  I just got word that it was installed and will be in the building for their grand opening in November.  Here is a picture of the painting:

Many artists were selected to do paintings.  Can't wait to visit the site and see the art. 

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