Saturday, November 5, 2011

Home in Texas

We had a wonderful summer in Montana and now we are back home in Texas.  The weather is wonderful now.  The heat and drought of the summer really tooks its toll but it is much better now.   After catching up with friends, household chores and gardening, I am back to painting.  I painted plein air all summer and now have had time to look at the pieces and select some for my blog. 

This barn and chicken coop is owned by the owner of a french restaurant.  The location is spectacular.  I painted there with my friends Connie and Sunnie.

This is another barn on the same property as above.

Sunnie, Connie, JoAnn ad I painted this field from a road.  Another glorius September day. 

This is a different barn on Foothills Road.  Sunnie, Janice and I painted at this location in August.  The barns in Montana are beautiful and tell such stories. 

This is a fishing spot on the Flathead River.  Duane fished and I painted.

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